How to Promote OnlyFans on Waptap

Many adult content creators promote their OnlyFans profile by reaching out to fans via other social media platforms. Promoting your content on different social media platforms is an excellent way to gain more followers and expand your reach.  However, not every platform allows you to promote what you create without certain limitations, especially if you […]

10 Tips For Making Successful Waptap Videos

Waptap is gaining traction as one of the most popular short video platforms. And a lot of it has to do with the freedom creators have to be themselves without someone censoring or limiting their creativity. No wonder many are just itching to post their content and go viral with their videos on Waptap! However, […]

NEW: Waptap Filters in Content Search

Waptap has recently introduced new content search filters that improve user experience. These new filters make it easier for users to navigate the adult content platform. These developments include the ability to filter content based on which gender they want to see and the degree of skin showing. These changes were made to satisfy the […]

Top 6 Waptap Video Ideas To Gain More Followers

Waptap is a new and rapidly growing social media platform for short-form video sharing. It is designed specifically for adult content. It works similar to Tiktok, but as an adult Tiktok where you can upload Not Safe For Work (NSFW) video versions. In this article, we will show you some video content ideas you can […]

How to Make Money on Waptap in 4 Ways

Tiktok videos are extremely popular these days. However, because of community standards limitations, adult content creators have been unable to share explicit content. Waptap enters the fray by providing adult content creators with their own platform with no restrictions. Aside from sharing videos, we’ll show you four ways to make money on Waptap. Adult content […]

Simple Tips For Making Your Waptap Videos Look Better

Creating a polished, professional video that wows your audience is easier than you think. Good videos are more about technique than tools, so before you spend a fortune on expensive equipment check out these simple tips on how you can make your Waptap videos look better. You can probably make a good video with whatever […]

Why Use Waptap And How To Promote Adult Content

As an adult content creator, you already have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat and Tiktok. Tiktok is presently the most popular application and is used by almost everyone. However, videos that are deemed inappropriate by Tiktok are deleted and accounts that publish them are banned. Let’s consider using Waptap instead, to promote your […]

How To Promote Your Adult Content

When you start your OnlyFans or any adult website for content creators, the first thing that comes to mind is “How can I promote it?”. There are several methods for advertising and selling adult content, a new way is to promote on Waptap. Here we’ve listed some more of them below. USE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA […]

What Is Waptap And How Does It Work? Everything You Need To Know

A Complete Guide for Content Creators Would you like to use an app where you can share your sexy and entertaining videos, just like Tiktok, but be able to monetize them? Then you need to check out Waptap! While you’re probably familiar with Tiktok, Waptap is a way to express yourself that doesn’t have any […]