10 Tips For Making Successful Waptap Videos

Waptap is gaining traction as one of the most popular short video platforms. And a lot of it has to do with the freedom creators have to be themselves without someone censoring or limiting their creativity. No wonder many are just itching to post their content and go viral with their videos on Waptap!

However, like all new apps, things tend to get competitive. As a content creator yourself, you probably want to know how to get your videos trending, boost engagement, and garner the attention of new fans on Waptap.

Well, you’re definitely in luck, as we’re about to share 10 tips for making successful Waptap videos. From finding your niche to using the right hashtags and collaborating with other creators. So stay on board, and don’t forget to take notes!

1. Define Your Niche and Your Content Objectives

Everyone has their favorite content creators who are interesting in their own ways. But what makes them so memorable? We think it comes down to three things: they have their own image, they keep things light, and they do their job well.

You can’t just randomly create videos and post them on your profile, hoping they somehow magically gain fans and people immediately like them. The first step to a successful Waptap video is to define your objectives

  • Why do you want to upload videos on Waptap?
  • What do you want to create?
  • Who are the people you want to attract as fans?

Once you have a more definite answer to these questions, you can start thinking about the types of videos that will appeal to your ideal target fan persona. To produce successful videos, you need to really think about the types of video formats that work in the niche you’ve chosen. Understand what makes already successful videos tick, and why relevant people like to watch them. 

Going with a variety of content is fine to test things out and see what sticks, as long as you add a unique touch to your videos, your own flair. This means defining every aspect of your content in a way that applies to your target audience.

Of course, you shouldn’t make identical videos and stick to one subject only, but choosing a niche or recognizable theme for your videos is a good idea. This will help you create a solid fanbase and make fans anticipate your content, as they will know exactly what to expect. 


For example, makeup creators post videos in various formats like split-screen, before and after, dos and don’ts, etc. Tutorials are quite popular as they inspire other people to experiment, too. All of these video formats make sense for the makeup niche, but they are transformed when they are used by creators in another niche, like say, adult.

With sexy videos, you would focus more on finding the right filters to make your content more enticing and fun, editing your stripping videos, or using music in a creative and seductive way.

Remember that it’s a good idea to stick to your chosen format to make it a ‘thing,’ as this makes your content memorable and unique. Who knows? Maybe it will gain traction, start a trend, and inspire other creators to do something similar!

2. Keep Posting Regularly and Often 

Posting at least once a day definitely raises your chances of starting a trend and increases the overall visibility of your profile. The thing is, if you want to gain more followers and define your niche, you need your content to become recognizable and start showing up in the trending section. 

Consistency in posting is key. It’s much better to post consistently every two days than to post every day for two weeks and then go MIA for a month. This can confuse your fans and make them think you’ve bailed on them, which can prompt them to unfollow you or not engage as much with your content. As you may have guessed by now, this will get in the way of your efforts to create trending videos, stay relevant, and grow your following. 

So, remember, when it comes to posting, it’s better to do it regularly, even if it’s not every day, than to do it sporadically and in an unpredictable pattern. 

3. Make Sure You Post High-Quality Videos

We really can’t stress this enough: if you want your Waptap videos to be successful, make sure you film them in high quality. No matter how many videos you post per day, week, or month, you shouldn’t forego quality for quantity.

This doesn’t mean you must buy some high-end, super-expensive camera or get a professional to shoot them if you’re creating content on a budget. A smartphone with a good camera, a well-lighted setup, and a tripod will do the trick just fine. Just avoid posting blurry or shaky videos. 

Also, don’t forget to set up your phone to film in high-definition and use an external microphone if you want to leave the sound in post-production. If you’re just going to overlay music on top of a video you’ve made or dub it later, you can do without the external microphone. 

Finally, you can personalize your videos even more if you edit them in a unique way. Check out some great editing apps like CapCut, PreQuel, and Cute Cut to make stunning viral Waptap videos. 

4. Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are super important for your visibility on Waptap. They help you define your niche and help your fans find what they are looking for more easily. 

In the search section, Waptap lets you look at the current trending hashtags. You can check them out regularly and stay updated about the latest trends. Currently, these are hashtags like #sexy, #fun, #hot, #twerk, and #dance.  

These hashtags change regularly, so you’ll have to keep an eye on them. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to use them all, especially if they don’t relate much to your niche. 

Look for trending hashtags that are close to your niche and relevant to your fans. That way, you get to have the cake and eat it too! 

5. Capitalize on Trends 

The importance of using the right hashtags brings us to our next point – following and capitalizing on new trends

Trends can be a powerful tool for boosting your visibility because they help your content become a part of a chain/viral reaction. This can be anything from new challenges to popular songs, specific kinds of dancing, etc. 

It pays off to do a little research into the latest trends and then make content that will help you become a part of them. Take note of the sounds, ideas, and narratives that come up in the trending videos. 

Also, it’s important to find out what appeals to your target fans or which trends they’d like you to explore. The great thing about trends is that you can always add your own touch to them and rethink them in a way that fits your brand. 

Later, you can start thinking about how to make your own trend. It could be a spin on an already existing popular trend, like a new dance or a new kind of challenge. The creative possibilities are endless! 

6. Keep Videos Short and Catchy

For short video platforms like Waptap, the ideal video length would be somewhere between 3-5, but also 10-15 seconds. You can also make longer videos that will be around 20, 30, or even 60 seconds, depending on the type of video you’re making.  But, generally speaking, the shorter you make them, the better. Most videos on Waptap are less than a minute long. 

Whatever length you decide works for you best, remember that it’s the explosivity and allure of the content itself that makes fans stick to the end. It’s key that the first couple of seconds grab their attention.

For example, let’s say you’re filming a video where you’re slowly undressing. You want to make your fans eager to see you stripped but also tease them just a little bit more. 

7. Interact With Your Fans

Fans love to feel seen and heard. The more you interact with them, the more your relationship and visibility will grow. Your efforts for success continue after you post your content. So why not use the platform to connect and interact with eager fans

The simplest way to do that is to reply to their comments on your videos. That way, you help create a sense of community and increase your chances of making your videos more popular and visible. The more fans see you communicate with them, the more they flock to your videos and profile. 

Another way to encourage your fans to interact is to include a call to action in the videos you post. For example, you can end your videos by asking your fans to leave a comment, share their thoughts and share the video, and follow your profile. 

8. Interact With Other Waptap Users and Waptap Posts

Besides interacting with your followers, you should also consider interacting with other Waptap creators and engaging with other Waptap posts. This can be especially beneficial for new profiles that are trying to attract new fans and boost visibility. 

Interacting with other users and posts means doing what a fan would do. This entails liking and commenting on other Waptap posts, preferably content that’s currently trending and popular. You’ll get better exposure and visibility when the content you’re interacting with is very in right now.  

9. Collaborate With Other Waptap Content Creators

Collaborating with another Waptap creator can benefit you both because it can expand your audience reach and increase the content visibility of both your profiles. 

This works best when you find creators in the same or a similar niche to yours. That way, the collaboration can give you exposure to your ideal target fans. And the potential influx of new followers will be of people who already want what you are offering.

If you’re new to the platform, it will be harder to find successful content creators ready to work with you. But don’t despair! Another way you can go about this is to find creators that you’d like to work with one day and study them. Look at their style and fanbase and try to engage with them. Once you’ve built your own fanbase, you can contact them with a proposition to collaborate. 

10. Show Something Unique

Nowadays, it’s hard to find unique content online since there’s so much of it already. Even though this sounds intimidating, it’s actually easier to create unique content than you think. Mainly because, well, there’s no one else like you out there, is there? 

To be unique also means to be daring. For example, consider transitioning to sexier, more explicit content (if you feel comfortable with that, of course). Or, if that’s not for you, give your fans a more intimate peek into your life with a behind-the-scenes video.


There’s plenty more to consider when it comes to content visibility and success. Trends always change, and new challenges, filters, effects, tools, and ideas come out all the time. It’s key to keep up with them if you want to grow your presence on the platform. 

If we have inspired you to get into short video content, start your exciting journey to visibility with Waptap

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