How to Make Money on Waptap in 4 Ways

Tiktok videos are extremely popular these days. However, because of community standards limitations, adult content creators have been unable to share explicit content. Waptap enters the fray by providing adult content creators with their own platform with no restrictions. Aside from sharing videos, we’ll show you four ways to make money on Waptap.

Adult content creators can now earn money by posting adult videos. Waptap videos will reach an audience of people over the age of 18, which is ideal for all of our spicy, adult content creators. Continue reading to learn how creating short videos can be both fun and profitable.


Signing up on Waptap is easy. Waptap is an app for anyone ages 18 years old and up, most especially for anyone who creates adult content. Waptap, like Tiktok, hosts short-film videos with no restrictions. Start creating your own account by creating a Waptap account first. To help you start your own account and navigate the app, go to this article on how to use the Waptap app.

How to earn money from tips?

Tipping is an upcoming Waptap feature in which users can tip creators when they like what they see as a way to express gratitude for an enjoyable experience through your content. Users can tip you as little as $5 and as much as $100.

Finding a platform where you can get the most value from your tips is important in the adult industry. On Waptap, you can get tips by simply uploading a short video. You can receive tips after uploading your content as long as the video is active on your profile.

Most viewed video categories

Waptap, unlike Tiktok, allows adult video content. It is the first platform designed specifically for adult content creators to promote their work without being censored. Make your Waptap content sexy, seductive, and teasing by filling it with trending videos like what you see on Tiktok. You can even make a nude Tiktok video without fear of being banned. Explicit videos are permitted; unlike Tiktok, your content will never be removed for doing so.

Showcasing your short-film videos on the app lets you attract possible subscribers who wanted to see more of you and other users will get to tip you when they love your video. To get you started, here’s a list of the most popular video categories.

Anyone can easily enter the dance category and join the trend. Everything from standard party dancing to sexy dancing to killer dance skills is covered. You can do any catchy dance to go along with the addictive tune.

Set up a transition video to convey a mood to your audience. This is one of the best types of content to incorporate thirst traps and transition from an ordinary to a grand story.

Tease your audience by flashing what you’re comfortable with. Do it creatively and with sensual music that complements it.

Lingerie & Fashion
Showing off your new lingerie or sharing your latest clothing hauls while flaunting your sexy body will definitely hit it.


Content creators who sell nudes online have the talent, and you can make good money with it. Waptap allows you to upload videos for people to watch and earn money through tips for each one.

Aside from tips you get from uploading your videos on Waptap, you can also use Waptap to promote your adult content platforms and get more traffic to your links.


Waptap is the only growing platform that has no restrictions. Without fear of being banned, you may link to your OnlyFans and other adult content websites in your bio or mention them in captions. It’s a safe haven for content creators of all types, including those of a sexual nature.

Waptap can help you get more exposure for your adult content platform so start your own account right now! Visit Waptap to register.

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