NEW: Waptap Filters in Content Search

Waptap has recently introduced new content search filters that improve user experience. These new filters make it easier for users to navigate the adult content platform. These developments include the ability to filter content based on which gender they want to see and the degree of skin showing. These changes were made to satisfy the preferences of users.

Users can find and browse content based on their interests thanks to the content filters. Users can now search for content based on video classifications like non-nude, topless, nude, and explicit videos. This new feature allows users to quickly and easily find the content they are looking for.

Users can search for content based on gender using the gender filters. This new feature allows users to find content that is tailored to their gender preference. It also enables users to be more selective about the content they view. You can look for content that is female, male, or transgender.

The new gender and content filters improve user experience and make it easier to navigate the Waptap platform. It enables users to quickly and easily find the content they are looking for.

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Enhanced Content Search Using Explicit Content Filter

Content Search enables filtering by showing explicit content, never, or topless content only. Users can filter out explicit content or ask each time it is displayed. Along these lines. Users will be able to filter content based on the criteria they have chosen by using more specific content filters. Users will be able to filter and find content within the skin score range of each and every video on the platform as a result of this.

There are three ways to filter content:

  • Set to show ALL explicit content to see a list of all videos on the platform, explicit or not.
  • Show Topless Only content and view the list of videos that only shows topless content
  • Set to show no topless and explicit content by choosing Never

Gender Search Filter

Waptap also has a gender search filter, which allows users to easily and quickly find videos based on their gender. This feature makes it simple to find the appropriate content for one’s needs, whether female, male, or transgender. Users can use this filter to narrow their search and find exactly what they’re looking for in a fraction of the time. The gender search filter is particularly useful for those looking for specific videos related to gender identity.

Users can filter videos by one of three genders: female, male, or transgender. These filters will be visible in the upper left corner.

Type of Result

Users has the ability to customize their experience when it comes to content type and explicitness. By limiting the results to a specific type of content, such as non-nude or topless. Users can also view all available content, including explicit content. Furthermore, users can choose to show or hide explicit content, with a warning message appearing each time explicit content is encountered. To use this feature, check the “Ask” box, which will prompt the warning message whenever explicit content is encountered. This feature gives users control over the type of content they see, allowing for a more customizable and personalized experience.

If you choose to have Waptap ask you every time to show explicit content, videos with explicit content will appear like this. To view explicit videos, simply click the Show Content button, or you can change the content settings by unchecking the Ask (to view explicit content) box.

Waptap Video Categories

Waptap categories can be a great way to find curated content. Users can easily find the most popular content by using categories such as top videos, trending users, and hashtags. The existence of these categories allows the discovery of what other users are watching and engaging with. It also makes it easier for the user to find content that is both interesting and relevant.

The user can quickly and easily find the content that is most relevant to them by using categories. Rather than searching through a long list of content, the user can narrow their search by selecting from the categories. This allows them to find the content that is most relevant to them and avoid wasting time on irrelevant content.

Categories also help in the publicity of high-quality, relevant content. The user can be confident that they are viewing content that has been curated and has been rated positively by other users by selecting the top and trending content in each category. This ensures that the user sees the best content available and does not waste time on low-quality content.

Overall, categories and content filters are an excellent way to find curated content on Waptap. It assists users in finding the most interesting and relevant content to their best interest, while also ensuring that they are viewing only the highest-quality content relevant to their preferences.

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