Top 6 Waptap Video Ideas To Gain More Followers

Waptap is a new and rapidly growing social media platform for short-form video sharing. It is designed specifically for adult content. It works similar to Tiktok, but as an adult Tiktok where you can upload Not Safe For Work (NSFW) video versions. In this article, we will show you some video content ideas you can upload on Waptap.

If you like Tiktok advertising but want to be a little extra, sexy, or go all nude, Waptap is for you. If you are a content creator, beginner or not, looking to reach the right audience, Waptap is the platform for you.

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In this post, we will discuss the various types of Waptap videos that you can post in order to increase your popularity and follower count. Continue reading to get some ideas for your fantastic Waptap content.

waptap video ideas


1. Sexy Dance.

We’ve all heard that sexy dancing is one of the best ways to get someone’s attention. Waptap, like Tiktok, is filled with dance videos. Show off your dancing skills and join in on popular music dances.

Check out these tips on how to dance sexy if you don’t have any dancing talent.

Sexy Dance Tip 1: Swing your arms in sync with your body. You can slowly sway it up and down.

Sexy Dance Tip 2: Having flexible hips is an asset. Swinging your hips is the foundation of all dances. To add a sexy vibe to your dance, make sure to look at your hips.

Sexy Dance Tip 3: Remember to smile. It demonstrates your enjoyment and allows your fans to connect with you. Smile sweetly with each step you take.

Tip 4: Relax your torso and introduce chest movements into your dance. It enhances the sexiness and sensuality of your dance.

Tip 5: Roll your hips and work that booty! It’s a great way to create a more dramatic and sexy dance that your fans will adore.

2. Thirst Trap.

Thirst traps can be anything sexy or content that conveys an effortlessly sexy hot vibe. Without messaging our fans, sexy and teasing content earns a lot of attention.

You can certainly cater to the right audience on Waptap, and posting thirst traps will undoubtedly increase your following. Any thirst trap, no matter how naked and pornographic, will end up on someone’s FOR YOU page. Since Waptap is designed for promoting your adult links by advertising adult content, Waptap will be the best platform for any adult content creator.

3. Striptease (Lingerie).

Striptease is a type of dance in which you slowly remove your clothes. If you want to show off your lingerie, this is the dance for you. A striptease is purely visual and is an excellent source of sensual content.

To begin a striptease dance video, put on a sexy opera glove, stilettos, and lacy lingerie. Choose a great song to set the mood and gradually remove all of your clothing.

4. Dressing Up.

Showing how you dress up and get ready for the day is great content to share with your fans, just like doing a striptease dance. Dress up and dance is the perfect content to give excitement to your fans.

Dressing up sexy while dancing is a crowd favorite; combine it with trending sexy music and you’re set.

5. Silhouette Transition.

Transition videos are among the most popular on Tiktok. It’s also one of the best ways to promote sexy and enticing video content for your adult Tiktok content. The silhouette challenge is the simplest and most recent trend you can try.

The silhouette challenge involves using a red light silhouette filter. You begin by dancing in regular light, standing in the doorway, and dancing to the music. Then you turn off the lights to become a dark silhouette. Enters a slow transition into the red light filter for a sexy, eye-catching silhouette that allows you to strike any sexy pose.

Hopefully, these six types of Waptap video ideas will inspire you to start gaining more fans on your platforms. However, these are not the only types of content you can do on Waptap.

Get creative and experiment with different types of video content to develop your own distinct style.

So, join here to get started and create the best Waptap content.

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