How to Promote OnlyFans on Waptap

Many adult content creators promote their OnlyFans profile by reaching out to fans via other social media platforms. Promoting your content on different social media platforms is an excellent way to gain more followers and expand your reach. 

However, not every platform allows you to promote what you create without certain limitations, especially if you post adult content (if your content contains nudity). 

This is exactly where Waptap stands out, as we don’t make a fuss about any sexy or nude content, as long as it’s under the filter for 18+ content. On Waptap, you can post original short-form videos and promote your OnlyFans content without censure.

We’ll guide you through some tips on how you can do this, so stay tuned!

Tips on How to Promote OnlyFans on Waptap

Okay, so let’s take a look at how Waptap can help you promote your OnlyFans profile. 

Add Your OnlyFans Link to Your Waptap Bio

That’s right – it’s that simple. You just have to paste your OnlyFans profile page link into your Waptap bio, and voila! It’s a great way to start promoting your OnlyFans content on Waptap, isn’t it? 

Post OnlyFans Content on Waptap

Waptap lets you post any video you want, whether it’s OnlyFans content or original content posted for the first time on Waptap.

Go wild and release yourself from self-censorship! The more attractive the video, the more popular it’ll be with fans. Don’t be afraid to be more daring and post sexier, more explicit content if you’re comfortable with it. 

Use Relevant Hashtags That Are Directly Related to Your Content

As a creator, you need to use relevant hashtags to promote your content. However, if you try to use certain hashtags on mainstream platforms, such as #nude, #onlyfans, or #stripper, mainstream platforms will likely flag your content for violating their community guidelines.

This happens even if your content contains no nudity and you only want to direct your followers to other adult-content platforms like OnlyFans.  

On Waptap, you don’t have to worry about any of this. No need to resort to hashtag tricks (like #fakebody or #spicyaccountant) to protect your content from being censored or your account banned. You can use any hashtags that are directly related to what you’re creating.

This will boost your visibility on the app and, with that, the audience of your OnlyFans account. 

Be Consistent With Your Uploading Frequency 

Another thing you should do to successfully promote your OnlyFans content on Waptap is to stay active. 

Post videos on Waptap at least once a day, and do it consistently. Creators who post at least once or twice a day are much more likely to keep growing fast than creators who post just a couple of times a week. 

Also, when you post frequently and regularly, you increase your chances of starting a trend. Trending videos go viral, increase your follower base, and help to define your niche, which, in turn, makes your content more recognizable.

Engage With Other Users 

Engaging with other users can be particularly helpful for new creators seeking to attract fans and gain visibility. 

Basically, you’d have to do what fans do. You can start by liking and commenting on other creators’ posts on Waptap. Look for popular and trending content that’ll get you more exposure, as it’s bound to be seen by many people. 

Also, if you can, it’s not a bad idea to collaborate with an existing Waptap creator. This will help you expand your audience and improve content visibility for both parties. 

Ideally, you’d want to collaborate with someone from a similar niche, as it will attract the right fans.

Waptap Onlyfans Hashtag

Why Promote OnlyFans on Waptap?

Some may ask, ‘Is it worth promoting your OnlyFans on a new platform like Waptap?’.

The short answer is – yes, it definitely is.

On a commercial social media platform, an adult content creator will need an average of 10,000-15,000 views a day to convert around 15 paid subscribers.

This is just a small fraction of everything that Waptap allows you to do as a creator. Waptap allows you to expand your audience stress-free. While it’s a relatively new platform, it provides content creators with much-needed creative freedom. Unlike Instagram, where adult content creators have to self-censor, Waptap will help you express yourself freely and without constraint.

You can promote your OnlyFans links directly on Waptap without fearing they will get banned. You can mention the links in your bio and post the same videos with the hashtags you want to use for them. 

Also, if you have several social media accounts and websites, you can use LinkTree in your bio to promote them as well.

With social video platforms racking up millions of visitors per day, adding to your promotional arsenal one that is open to adult creators is a necessity. 


Although a newcomer in the world of social media, Waptap is a very active app, with more and more people signing up daily. Promoting your OnlyFans profile and content on Waptap is a no-brainer – it’s always a great idea to promote what you create via multiple platforms.

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of promoting your OnlyFans on Waptap, why not sign up for a new Waptap account? 

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