What Is Waptap And How Does It Work? Everything You Need To Know

A Complete Guide for Content Creators

Would you like to use an app where you can share your sexy and entertaining videos, just like Tiktok, but be able to monetize them? Then you need to check out Waptap! While you’re probably familiar with Tiktok, Waptap is a way to express yourself that doesn’t have any restrictions.

What is Waptap?

Waptap is a short form, video-sharing app. It hosts a wide range of short-form videos such as dancing, lip-syncing, thirst traps and sexy teases.

It appears and functions similarly to Tiktok, but with several differences, such as the freedom to promote your OnlyFans and other adult service links on your profile and soon the ability to earn tips and paid subscriptions right in the app.

How it differs from Tiktok

Waptap is based on a similar concept of short-form videos like Tiktok, but it caters to a far wider audience. It is open to creators who want to express themselves in a sex-positive, friendly environment. It’s essentially an adult Tiktok where you can share adult videos, even totally nude.

Like Tiktok, Waptap encourages users to use a wide variety of music as well as many effects and filters. Waptap suggests third-party software for this such as Cap Cut, Prequel, and Cute Cut.. You may also upload and reshare existing Tiktok videos in the app.

Waptap, like Tiktok, has features that allow you to follow the creator’s account and record audience reactions to videos. If you wish to share a video from the app, a shareable link is also provided.

Waptap is also working on a feature that will allow users to tip and message creators. This is becoming incredibly popular among adult content creators.

How does Waptap work?

Waptap is currently under development, you can post your videos, appear on the video feed and promote your adult services links directly in your profile. It currently lacks video editing and customization options, but these features are coming soon along with more monetization options. Now is a great time to get in early and secure your @username.

Waptap will soon include monetization options suitable for all genres of content creators as well as those who sell nudes online. The tip and message tool is absolutely something you will love and should keep an eye out for!

Navigating Waptap

Let us go through how to use Waptap.

When you sign up, you must provide your email address and preferred password. A verification code will be sent to your email; use it to confirm your Waptap account. You may now use and explore the application after setting your username. Please keep in mind that you cannot change your username once set.

how to use waptap

After setting your username you will see the video feed and navbar at the bottom:

Home: Shows two feeds: Your Feed and Following, which you may switch between.

Discover (coming soon): This feature will allow you to search tags and profiles and will display popular and trending Waptap videos.

Create Video: This opens the upload screen, from which you may upload a video.

Inbox (Coming Soon): Shows all activity and messages associated with your account.

Profile: Displays your public profile, which other users can view.

Waptap features are visible in the bottom right of the app, with options to:

  • Follow and subscribe to the accounts of other creators
  • Share the video from the creator account outside of the app
  • Send tips to the creator (coming soon).
  • Comment on the creator’s video (coming soon)
  • Like the video on the creator account

Watching Waptap videos

Waptap videos, like those on Tiktok or Instagram, appear on your screen vertically. You can interact with them by clicking the heart button, which is equivalent to clicking the like button. When you first launch Waptap, your Home page will display hand-picked videos. To see videos from users you follow, go to the “following” page.

Scroll up to watch more new videos. You may pause a video by tapping on the screen. On the right side, you can see the user’s profile icon, the number of likes the video has, and options to share it.

It should be noted that you may view videos without making an account. However, in order to interact with other users and upload videos, you must first create an account.

Creating Waptap videos

When you’re ready to start creating and uploading your own videos, scroll down and click the Post video (+ sign) button. Third-party tools such as Cap Cut, Prequel, and Cute Cut allow you to edit your videos..

Any type of content can be posted and shared on Waptap as long as it does not violate any copyrights.

That’s it for now, sign up today, secure your username and get ready for more awesome features and updates to come!

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