3 Fresh Waptap Video Ideas 

Creating content for social media feels so difficult at times. And it is especially hard to think of new and fresh Waptap video ideas. Just like any other platform, you will have to create fresh, fascinating, and virally worthy content on a regular basis. In this article, we will help you spark a new idea to create new content for your Waptap account.

Why is fresh content important?

We all heard that “content is king” and yes, it actually is! High quality content helps you grow your account and gain your fans’ trust. And when they do, it results in greater traffic and sales. Having new content on a regular basis will keep your fans interested and coming back. It doesn’t need to be a big one, but consistency is the best way to go.

One thing is for sure, your fans value your content as much as you do. Your fans and new followers follow you because of your content. They saw something in your content that piqued their attention, which is why they decided to follow you. And as they do so, they will expect to see more interesting and fun content from you in the future.

Regularly posting new and fresh Waptap content shows them that you value them. You give them a reason to keep following and engaging with your account, so they stick around. It is not just that, uploading new content on a regular basis helps your account rank higher. 

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Here are three fresh Waptap video ideas that you can start creating for your next Waptap content:

1. Outfit try-ons

Men, in general, have a strong interest in visual content. Men are attracted to women who enjoy dressing up or putting together gorgeous outfits that make them feel confident and fantastic. 

A lot of men appreciate seeing dressed-up women. Dressing up, especially in dresses, has a way of highlighting a woman’s curves and feminine qualities that men find incredibly alluring. Not all guys have the same tastes; some prefer women in dresses, while others prefer women in tight jeans.

Outfit try-ons are an excellent way to attract men’s attention. Men are attracted to women who dress well or put together stunning outfits that flatter their bodies. Not only that, but other people, even some girls, are interested in what other people buy or wear, thus this type of content is not just for men. But also for women who want to know what outfits look best on them. Or perhaps give them an idea if that type of clothing is worth a try.

There is no restriction on outfit try-on content. You can do whatever you want.

You can do a lot of things when working on this type of content. For example, you could put together a brand haul in which you try on all of them and show off how you look in those dresses and outfits. To entice your male audience, wear attractive and revealing clothing.

You could also do a sexier one in which you show them behind the scenes. You show them how you change clothes, how you fix them, and how well they fit you. Even going nude while changing your clothes is possible. Waptap will not ban you for that.


ASMR is an abbreviation for autonomous sensory meridian response. It’s a term for the tingling feeling your body feels in response to audio and visual stimulation.

ASMR videos are becoming increasingly popular at the moment. A lot of people are aroused simply by watching ASMR recordings. ASMR videos are pleasant and provide a calming effect.

There are no specifics as to what causes ASMR. However, creating an ASMR video is an innovative way to attract a larger audience. Some of the most common ASMR triggers are as follows:

– sound

– visual stimulation

– physical contact

– situations

You may use heavy breathing, whispering, blowing, eating, drinking, scratching, and a variety of other techniques.

ASMR sex

One of the different sorts of ASMR you can do is ASMR sex. ASMR sex is the erotic use of specific audio and visual stimuli to enhance a sexual experience.

There are several ASMR videos available to try to liven things up a little. Consider GanjaGoddess ASMR’s sexual ASMR video, in which she did a wonderful ASMR video about roleplaying with jerk off instructions. She has been performing a lot of sensuous and sexy ASMR, which has gotten a lot of attention.

Consider trying something a little hot for your audience. You may perform an ASMR boob massage with audio and video recordings of you doing it. Alternatively, as you are aware, Waptap will not ban you for such stuff.

3. Sexy lip syncs

Lip syncing has been around for a long time. Lip syncing videos are rather prevalent these days, so let’s take it a step further and spice it up. Waptap’s lip syncing allows you to match your own movements to the audio you’re lip syncing to.

Lip syncing can be used for a variety of purposes. You can utilize any hot music and lip sync to it while doing some sensual and flirtatious gestures. You can even lip sync to seductive videos while focusing the camera to a sexual part of your body, such as your chest. Allow your creativity to run wild as you create a Waptap video.

Easy and fun

Waptap is easy and fun. If you are stuck on what kind of content to make, start by looking at these three fresh Waptap video ideas. If you don’t already have a Waptap account, sign up now and enjoy the fun and spicy experience.

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3 Fresh Waptap Video Ideas 

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