Type of Content You Can Do on Waptap

So, you’re thinking of making a Waptap account? That’s great news! 

Naturally, the first thing you’d want to know is what kind of content you can make and post on Waptap. 

Waptap is a short-form video hosting service. Its aim is not to censor adult content. This means you can post different types of NSFW content and let your creative mind run free, as long as you’re an +18 consenting adult. 

Without further ado, let’s go over the different types of sexy adult content you can create for Waptap. 


Cosplay is a trendy category on Waptap. Short for ‘costume play,’ cosplay describes the activity of people wearing elaborate costumes and accessories from famous pop-culture characters.

These are usually characters from superhero films and TV shows, think of the Marvel franchise, Superman, Batman, etc. Sci-fi films and shows, think of Star Wars and Star Trek, as well as fantasy movies, shows, and books (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, etc.). 

Now, one thing to keep in mind if you want to try out this niche is that your fans will be strict. They’ve seen the shows and read the books and know what they want to see. It’s definitely worth doing a bit of research beforehand so you can pay more attention to the costume details.

You can also add your own little touch to it, make it sexier, sluttier. Your fans will love it. They’ll feel like their favorite character is there to fill out their desires. 


Roleplaying is somewhat similar to cosplay. It’s actually a wider category that can include any kind of impersonation. You can dress and act as a school teacher or a college professor. You can be a nurse or a doctor, act as a maid, yoga instructor, massage therapist, etc. 

Similarly to cosplay, roleplaying is great for increasing your interaction with fans. It also allows you to bond more with fans and ask them for feedback on your costumes and performance. 

With roleplay, it’s also important to add a unique touch that’ll be solely yours. You can create an unexpected backstory or change your voice, hair color, and dress code to develop your persona. 

Bikini Models

Bikinis models are one of the most popular categories on most social media out there, and Waptap is not an exception. 

This one’s one of the more straightforward topics where you wear your favorite new bikini pieces. Get photographed or filmed in luscious, exotic settings, riding cars or motorbikes, in the desert, by the pool – the options are practically endless. 

You can also use this setting to do flashing videos or transition videos. Content where you begin by wearing bikinis and then transition to being naked or half-naked in the next scene. 

You can also combine this type of content with the other ones on this list. 


This is another wide content category and one of the easiest out there. If you’re okay with being naked on camera, then you can do flashing videos. You can take pictures and videos of every part of your body, or send nudes in private conversations with fans. 


BDSM combines a wide variety of practices involving discipline and submission, dominance, sadomasochism, roleplay, and various erotic ones involving pain and pleasure. 

BDSM can be soft or hardcore or somewhere in the middle. It all depends on the boundaries you and the other people involved set.

As a creator, you have to do thorough research on what kind of BDSM practices you’re willing to do and what suggestions from your fans you’re eager to try out. For example, would you do soft or medium-hard BDSM like certain types of bondage (handcuffs), light spanking (if you do it with another person), or a little more hardcore stuff.

With BDSM, you can either go solo or with another person or a group of people. The most important thing is to set boundaries with yourself and others. Have a safe word in case the boundaries are somehow crossed. 

Couples Sharing Intimate/Sexual Moments

Couples are also very popular on Waptap. Of course, how much you give away from your personal and intimate life is your decision. You can do sex scenes together, show nudes of the two of you, and talk and film experiences with other people (if you’re in an open relationship). If you’d like to start softer, you can first talk about your romantic desires or sexual fantasies, what turns you on, etc. 

A typical example of this niche is the GFE/BFE (girlfriend/boyfriend experience), where people behave like they’re on reality TV. They go on about recording pieces of their daily life as a couple. It’s very easy to spice this content up. You can turn mundane stuff like cooking, for example, into more adult stuff, like cooking naked together. 

It’s up to you and your partner whether you’re going to include other consenting adults in threesomes and group sex or erotic scenes or stick to the two of you.cc

Couples Inviting Another Man to Have Sex With Their Wife (Hotwife Lifestyle)

This is a widely practiced variation of the previously described content involving couples. 

In case you’ve never heard of the ‘hotwife lifestyle’ term: it’s a term used a lot in non-monogamous communities (usually swingers) and describes a certain type of sexual behavior. 

The hot wife in this case is a wife/girlfriend/partner who’s allowed to have intimate and/or sexual relations with other people. Basically, she’s allowed to hook up with other men and women, and the best thing about it is that it can be very arousing for both parties. 

So, if you and your partner are looking to experiment a little bit, you might want to consider becoming part of this trendy topic on Waptap. 

Public Flashing

Public flashing is when you reveal parts of your naked body in public places. You can be fully nude or have some parts of your body covered. 

You can do public flashing almost anywhere – some common examples include the supermarket, parks, alleys, driving your car naked, etc. You have to be careful, though, as you don’t want to be seen and caught violating any public decency laws. 

Sex Advice

Sex advice can both be sexy and very beneficial for your fans at the same time. If you prefer to build your creator profile through an advice-giving type of content and you enjoy discussing things like sex and intimate relations, this is definitely a niche for you. 

People will always need good sex advice, so if you feel like you want to share more than a few good tips, why not be the one to give it to them? 

This is another good opportunity to connect with fans and listen to what they’d like you to cover as future topics. That way, you will make sure to keep your current fans waiting for new content and lure in new fans who will see that you take care of your viewers and listen to their needs. 

Lesbians and Trans 

Waptap welcomes all communities – lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, and pangender people can all create content on the platform and build their audience. 

Lesbian content is particularly popular, so if you’re a woman and want to get into this niche, you should start searching for a partner in crime – one or more women willing to share the screen with you and create fun and sexy stuff together.

From the popular sex categories, you can do an FFM threesome, with two women and one man in combination, or a FFF threesome where all three people are women. 

The same goes for transgender creators who can find lots of fans on Waptap. They can create solo content, experiment with a partner, or with a group of people. 

Sporty Girls

You can do whatever you want with this kind of persona. You can present yourself as a sporty girl and focus more on fitness. Or combine this persona with other sexy stuff like masturbation, flashing, exercising naked, etc. 


As you can see, there are lots of options for you as a Waptap creator. From a bikini model and BDSM practitioner to a cosplayer or hotwife couple… there’s lots of space for uncensored creative freedom on Waptap.

So don’t wait any longer and register as a creator ASAP!  

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