Waptap, The New Tiktok For Adults

Because of TikTok’s popularity, several businesses have begun to use it for marketing purposes. Adult content creators also jumped on board, hoping to increase their sales by advertising on TikTok.

However, many adult content creators have stopped using it since their accounts are constantly banned. Even when they take great care in creating content that Tiktok has no reason to remove. Will the new Tiktok for adults, Waptap, deliver a better experience?


Tiktok is known for its mainly younger audience and user base, which is why they do not accept videos that are inappropriate for minors, such as violence, graphic content, sex, and illegal activity. If you do, you are risking your account to banning. Worse, you can be permanently banned from using TikTok even if you only post videos of yourself in bikinis or even just steamy content.

This mainly happens among adult content creators. So, no, you cannot use TikTok to market adult content. You can avoid video removal, but more and more videos are being taken down automatically as long as they can categorize it as “not safe for work” content.


Waptap is a new platform for promoting your adult content profiles. It works similarly to TikTok in that you can share short-form videos. It has features that will help you in promoting your adult services and monetizing your short-form videos on the platform.

Waptap is an app similar to TikTok in design and function. Anyone of legal age is welcome to join and sign up for the site. You can advertise adult services without fear of censorship or stigma. There is no possibility of getting penalized for publishing sex and adult content if you share any kind of those videos.

You can read more about Waptap here.


Step 1: Get a Waptap Account

1. On your browser, go to www.waptap.com and click “I am 18+ (ENTER)” to enter.

2. Tap the profile icon in the lower right corner and then click Register. You can use your email address here. Use the code Waptap provides to your email to validate your account.

3. Upload a photo and create a username for your public profile.

4. Tap the profile symbol in the bottom right corner, then head over to the top right corner. To manage your profile, tap the hamburger icon and edit your profile.

5. Add a bio description and a link to your promo website on your profile.

6. And to get the full-screen experience, install the app by tapping “Add to home screen”.

And there you have it! You may now search for and upload videos.

Step 2: Plan Out Your Content

You may start preparing your content now that your Waptap account is up and running. It’s always a good idea to plan your content ahead of time, so get started today. Make a content calendar and schedule enough time to create entertaining adult Tiktok videos for your Waptap account.

Look for ways to incorporate current events and holidays into themed outfits and ideas. You can also get ideas from trending Tiktok videos and replicate them in a sensual, seductive style. You are welcome to do it nude as well! A short and seductive video can entice your audience to want to see more of you. They can also send you a tip which is an upcoming feature of Waptap.

Step 3: Optimize your Waptap profile

Your new Waptap profile is one of the storefronts you may use to increase leads and sales to your adult service platforms. To optimize your profile and fill in the details to let your audience know what you have to offer and where they can get it.

Begin improving your profile by keeping your bio short and to the point. Always add a call to action and naughty emoticons that you frequently use for seduction when sexting.

In the promo website link, you may directly enter your adult services platform link, such as OnlyFan, Fansly, and the others. You can also utilize a landing page where people can view all of the links to adult services you provide from various platforms, depending on your preferences.

Step 4: Create Enticing Content

There is no formula on how you can make your content but there is some good rule of thumb that you can apply when creating one.

With Waptap’s upcoming features like the option to send tips and private messages, creating an enticing content is ideal.

Make your video interesting and appealing.

First things first, your video should be eye-catching and appealing for it to be viewed up to the end. When creating content, always make sure that you are recording in a well-lit space to have a better quality video. That will make your content enjoyable to watch. You can then use trending and popular music that you can add to your video instead of the original sound. 

Use hashtags

You may use hashtags just like you would on any other social media platform. Adding hashtags to your content will help it appear at the top of search results, so choose relevant ones. Hashtags increase exposure and help you in reaching your audience.

Step 5: Interact And Engage with your Audience

Connect with and interact with other app users. Waptap’s upcoming features, such as the ability to give tips and private messages, will allow you to interact with your audience. It is one way to make money online by sexchat and selling nudes which is one of the best features of this new Tiktok for adults.

So there you have it, sign up today, secure your username and see how it works!

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